Works included in the collection of:

Aberdeen City Art Gallery, Scotland (UK)
Arts Council England, London (UK)
Betty Parsons Collection, New York (USA)
British Museum, London (UK)
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York (USA)
Chemical Bank, New York (USA)
Contemporary Art Society, London (UK)
Continental Group Inc, New York (USA)
Derby Museum, England (UK)
Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome (Italia)
Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, England (UK)
Huddersfield Art Gallery, England (UK)
John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
Leicestershire Education Authority, Leicester, England (UK)
Museum of Modern Art, New York (USA)
Newark Museum, New Jersey (USA)
Rockefeller University, New York (USA)
Roland Gibson Art Foundation, Dunbarton, New Hampshire (USA)
Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, England (UK)
Southampton City Art Gallery, England (UK)
The Economist, London (UK)
The Financial Times, London (UK)
Unilever Ltd., London (UK)
Victoria & Albert Museum, London (UK)
Kirklees Museums & Galleries, Huddersfield, England (UK)
County Hall, Leicestershire County Council Art works Collection, England (UK)

Private Collections

Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Germany, Egypt, Kenya, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and India

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